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Beginning of an exciting shift.

Graduation is over, high school days are now left as a memory. It actually surprises me that I’m here right now. I am a University student and it feels like yesterday I was playing with Legos coloring and drawing in kindergarten. Wow it has been such a long journey, it’s the end of one but a start of a whole new one. Start of an independent life. Life were you are responsible, one that will define who you are and what you want. I should do that? Me? I swear I’m still young for all that, is it only me that feels all those tasks are a burden? Is it normal? I bury myself with all those questions. It was always that age where people have this shift in life,but why can’t I seem to handle that thought? I accused myself of weakness and stupidness. I stayed up endless nights trying to figure out what I want to do in life. Although all that weight, I was still looking forward for that challenge. I want to move in with life and have a change in routine. Moving out to a whole different country away from my loved ones is gonna be hella hard but no one really promised that life would be easy and perfect. And in fact I really don’t know what is awaiting me. That curiosity and excitement of that new lifestyle was what motivated me to for change. That deep feeling of trying to unlock my mysterious life is what makes me looking forward for that journey.